April 13, 2022
esignature for bfsi

Boost security with advanced methods of authentication for BFSI

Digital signatures has been a major driver of adoption, with 43% of consumers saying they would be more likely to use digital banking services if they could sign documents electronically.…
April 12, 2022
esignature for legal services

Are eSignatures essential for legal services?

Law companies can use digital signatures to minimize document turnaround time and costs while maintaining document privacy and reducing security threats.…
April 11, 2022
Electronic Signature Solution for the Retail Sector

6 reasons why Retail business should adopt eSignature solutions

Although electronic signatures have been adopted across most industries, the retail sector has been a bit slower to adopt this technology. Learn how retailers can benefit from using eSignatures.…
April 6, 2022
eSignatures for technology companies

Digital Signatures for Digital First Organizations

Utilizing an electronic signature solution like Certinal is a no-brainer for tech companies who want to streamline their document workflow. Our eSignature solution was built with simplicity and speed in mind, so you can get back to doing what you do best - innovating! …
April 5, 2022
Improve your procurement strategies

6 ways in which Certinal can enhance procurement ecosystem

Learn 6 ways in which Certinal can enhance procurement ecosystem. E-Signatures can help you accomplish these objectives while also streamlining your procurement processes.…
March 30, 2022
Role of Identity Assessment in Digital Signatures

Role of Identity Assessment in Digital Signatures

For a digital signature to be legally binding, the signer’s identity must be verified. Certinal offers several signer identity verification options to ensure that your signed documents will stand up in court.…
March 23, 2022
Trust Providers in Digital Signatures

Decoding the Role of Trust Providers in Digital Signatures

This article will explore the role of trust providers in digital signatures, and discuss some of the ways they help to ensure validity.…
March 16, 2022
Electronic Signatures For Manufacturing Contracts

Digital Signatures: Speeding Up Manufacturing and Engineering Approvals

Digital signatures are a quick and efficient way to manage manufacturing and engineering approvals. By using digital signatures, companies can speed up approvals, reduce paper waste, and increase security.…
March 9, 2022
eSignature for Hr

Digitalize your human capital management with Certinal

Certinal is a digital signature solution that helps HR teams automate the document sharing and signing process by tracking real-time progress.…
January 28, 2022
eSignatures in Banking

E-Signatures in Banking: A convenience or a necessity

Find the use of electronic signatures in banking and financial institution. It helps process paperwork completely online and even operational tasks. Certinal eSign helps you to focus on identifying new opportunities and serving clients better when you automate signature workflows.…