Is It Essential to Use Digital Signature for Law Firms?

eSignature software for law firms

Law firms, attorneys and clients often need to sign court documents, contracts, agreements, etc. However, the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning documents wastes time and resources for law firms. Digital signature for law firms (also known as e-signature) lets you sign papers on the computer and authenticate the signer more efficiently and securely than a physical signature does. 

Certinal’s digital signature software for law firms are legal in most countries and can be used for electronic contracts, online forms, agreement workflows, and document approvals. By using digital signatures, you can save time and paper while maintaining the security and integrity of your documents. 

The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) was passed by the US government in 2000, bringing e-signatures with handwritten signatures to a legal level. Since then, the digital signature market has flourished due to the expansion of application cases. Legal is one business that stands to benefit substantially from these digital technologies. 

Security: The Quintessential Element of Digital Signature Solutions 

The legal industry has been slow to adopt these time-saving digital signature mechanisms or methods due to jurisdictional restrictions, law firm policies, or just personal preference. Certinal is committed to helping the legal industry modernize by making it easy and secure to sign documents digitally. Our platform is built on top of the latest cryptographic standards and is compliant with e-signature laws around the world. The Certinal platform is a cloud-based system that uses 256-bit encryption to secure client information and offers several features to streamline the e-signature process. 

With the commencement of remote working initiatives, digital signatures assist businesses in safely servicing their clients, acquiring new businesses remotely, and functioning without the hassle of handling physical paper and ink. It is also faster and easier to allow clients to electronically sign documents on their laptops, smartphones, or tablets. 

eSignature software for law firms

4 Reasons Why eSignature Software For Law Firms Is Essential 

1. Improve customer experience (CX) with digital signatures for law firms

Certinal offers a web-based platform that allows your clients to sign documents sent electronically digitally. This is a convenient service for your clients because they can sign the document from the comfort of their own homes or offices. They don’t have to take time out of their busy day to drop off the signed papers at the local post office, delivery service (UPS or FedEx), or directly to your physical office location. 

If they’re dropping the envelope off at a local mailbox, they’d best have some stamps on hand (otherwise, you’ll be paying for a prepaid envelope to complete the roundtrip delivery). In addition, Certinal’s digital signatures for law firms are legally binding in the United States, so you can be confident that courts and other legal services will recognize your clients’ signatures. 

Download: Delivering superlative CX with Digital Signatures 

If your client is signing and returning a PDF over email, the experience isn’t much better: they must print the document, sign it by hand, rescan it, and then email it back. It’s not always that straightforward. What happens if their home printer is not functional? To begin with, do they even have a printer with a scanner? Do they know how to use a scanner if that’s the case? 

Electronic signature for law firms is a simple solution to prevent these issues and keep your customers pleased. Many clients have benefited from the convenience and quickness of e-signature; if they haven’t yet, they will. Sending an email with an e-signature request demonstrates that your company is current and efficient, attributes that will reaffirm their initial decision to put their trust in you. This is one of the biggest reasons law firms should use digital signatures to improve the customer experience. 

2. Boost bottom-line savings 

Certinal offers paperless document management and electronic signing of documents that can save businesses, like law firms, up to 85% in cost. Certinal’s digital signatures are legally binding and can be used for any type of document. The Certinal e-Signature software for law firms is easy to use and allows law firms to manage their documents electronically without needing paper. 

This paperless document management system saves the law firm money and is more efficient and convenient. Certinal’s e-Signature solution is the perfect way for law firms to go paperless and save on document handling costs. 

Printing isn’t cheap when considering the costs of printers, paper, ink, and other related charges. Law firms can obtain papers signed using digital signatures without the towering overhead of traditional processes. As a result, digital signatures can be an excellent first step toward a paperless workflow. Consolidating the expense of document signing into a single monthly subscription makes the process more orderly and predictable. 

3. Improved workflow and communication with digital signatures 

One of the challenges of the traditional paper-based approach to document signing is that it offers little insight into where documents are in the process. This can be frustrating for law firms, who may find themselves following up with clients only to discover that the client never received the document in the first place. Certinal’s digital signature for law firms provides visibility into the workflow so firms can see exactly where each document is. 

This makes it easy to identify bottlenecks and ensure that documents move through the process as quickly as possible. In addition, Certinal’s electronic signature software for lawyers is legally binding, so firms can rest assured that their documents will be upheld in court. 

The time and resources required to organize and track papers are reduced by using digital signatures. Law firms can track pending signature requests without additional work if they use an established e-signature method. Certinal has an automated follow-up functionality that allows its users to save time and concentrate on more strategic tasks. 

eSignature software for law firms

4. Strengthen your security with a state-of-the-art eSignature solution 

Certinal is a provider of digital signature solutions that offers advanced tracking capabilities to record when and where documents are viewed and who signed them. Certinal takes the following security measures to ensure the digital signing process is secure: Certinal uses 256-bit SSL encryption to protect the signer’s identity and the document’s contents. Certinal is compliant with the US data protection directive. 

Using Certinal, law firms can be reassured that the right individuals securely sign their client’s confidential documents. Certinal’s robust security measures give law firms the confidence that the digital signing process is uncompromised. 

Some security measures taken by Certinal are; 

Near real-time secure data replication and encrypted archival 

Digital audit trail, with a Certificate of Completion that provides non-repudiation for all documents generated and signed using Certinal 

    • 256-bit encryption 
    • Anti-tampering controls 
    • Unalterable, systematic capture of signing data 
    • Digital certificate technology 
    • Identity verification for every signer 

Are you stuck with a monopolistic eSignature vendor? 

Download: Decoding the Differential Pricing Strategies of Electronic Signatures 


Law firms are only scratching the surface of electronic signature applications in their field. eSignature software for law firms minimizes document turnaround time and costs while maintaining document privacy and reducing security threats. 

E-signature specialists can help law firms speed legal processes, store and protect sensitive client information in a secure environment, and eliminate the chance of human error. Firms will gain a competitive advantage over their less forward-thinking competitors by using the varied range of benefits provided by e-signature systems. 

If you have any further questions or want more information about how Certinal could benefit your organization, please do not hesitate to book a demo with us. 

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