Accelerate Paperless Healthcare with eSignature Based Paperless Solution

eSignature based paperless solution for healthcare

As the economy is moving towards digital, the volume of online transactions is also growing enormously. eSignature based paperless solution for healthcare processes slow down the speed of transaction management and as a result, inhibit the digital transformation of processes in all industries. Organizations are getting restricted by the speed of accomplishing the transactions and the time to take it forward to the next step of approval. Gone are those days of paperwork stacked in piles and everyone waiting for that pen stroke.

Today’s requirement is an electronic signature that can be used to authenticate the integrity and validity of a document and a digital signature solutions allows the user to just do that.

eSignature based paperless solution for healthcare

Tired of manually signing documents in bulk?

Leveraging an ultimate digital signature solution to instantly sign invoices, legal documents, tenders, vouchers, and PDF documents in bulk, makes your transaction fast, secure and simple. Certinal eSign provides digital signing solution which intelligently detects the document layout and places the signature automatically in the defined locations and helps in providing hassle-free and real-time signing.

Why Digital signatures are considered so secure and complied?

Digital signatures work using public-key cryptography. Public key cryptography is a cryptographic method that uses a key pair system, private and public. The private key encrypts the data and is available only to the signer of the document.

The public key decrypt the info concerning the digital document and is given to the receiver. However, both parties must have a registered digital certificate from an issuing certificate authority to attach the signer and their signature. Public key cryptography ensures the safety, accuracy, and authenticity of the document.

Digital signatures benefits at work:

Time & Resources Optimization Time & Resources Optimization
Rapidity Rapidity to close Deals and Agreements
Business Management Automation Business Management Automation
Quick search Quick search of digital signed document
usability Usability at any place and time
Legally Binding and Compliant Legally Binding and Compliant

Every business produces numerous documents on daily basis which are required to be signed by multiple authorities. Digitally signed documents are legally valid in court-of-law. Certinal’s AI-powered Enterprise-grade digital signature solution allows digitally signing of PDF documents in bulk using a digital signature. It is an ideal solution for organizations’ high-speed signing needs and helps them shift to a paperless office.

user friendly User-friendly dashboard: Upload the documents, fill the required information, documents are digitally signed instantly!
Sign password protected Sign password protected documents too.
Allow to place your digital signature Allow to place your digital signature anywhere in your document.

How can esignature based paperless solution for Healthcare benefit the industry?

 Hospitals and pharmacies have billions of documents flowing in and out, not to forget, all slow. For years, patients have been standing in long queues waiting for hospital admission forms, patient consent form, patient intake forms, bills, prescriptions, etc.

A digital signing software with a safe bulk sending & bulk signing is the solution to this fiasco. With the use of bulk signing software, you can signs a billion of confidential documents within seconds. This implies no more waiting in queues for process completion.

Further, as we go down the article, we will face many more facets where bulk signing is revolutionizing the healthcare sector:

Electronic prescription/ E-prescriptions

The pandemic has given a push to eAppointments. Patients need not go to the physical clinic or hospital or any healthcare center anymore but rather attend appointments from their beds. Now this elevates the need for an ePrescription. Doctors can rapidly sign medical prescriptions using digital signing software and email them to the intended patient. Do you know what’s the best part? – The bulk signing solution makes security a priority by converting them into password-protected PDFs or OTP based authentication.

Don’t worry, nobody on the internet will know why you’re sick; This technology framework allows physicians to send prescriptions to patients and pharmacies in parallel. When a pharmacy receives a request, it can deliver the medication right away.

Faster patient admissions and discharge

The healthcare sector is in constant demand to process urgent paperwork. Patients must be admitted to hospitals quickly and one cannot afford any delay in such tasks. Right from the doctor’s signature and patient’s signature to the hospital stamp, admission, and discharge papers, everything must be swift and rapid. Slow signing is a huge setback for healthcare facility. With a bulk signing solution, multiple documents can be sent, processed, and stored easily.

Sending invoices for medical equipment

Bulk signing for healthcare ensures sending and receiving signed invoices at your own convenience. Purchasing, receiving, and distribution through bulk signing helps to sign documents rapidly. Invoices for medical equipment need to be sent to various vendors.

Signing on the go

At healthcare facility, its usually seen that patient’s families running marathons to get their documents signed. Well, no more. Important signatures can be accessed from anywhere, anytime in the hospital making routine signing easy. With the help of a digital signature software in healthcare, you can get your required HIPAA compliant eSignatures without any printed ink. No more running down the hospital, sign digitally without printing.

Maintaining medical history for years

Hospitals have been maintaining patient’s record for decades. These records are maintained in paper and ink. It is quite obvious that if you look for an individual’s medical history, you would be taken to a dark room with spiders on paper stacks. There are many more drawbacks of maintaining a manual medical records.

With digital signature solutions for medical professionals, you can store and maintain these documents for years. In fact, you can also trace the date and time stamp of the signed document. You can also see if the signature is valid as the digital signature software provides you with real-time authentication. People misuse physical prescriptions at times, as the signatures get invalid after a certain time, prescription misuse would come to a halt, but digital signature software provides audit trail with tamper-proof evidence.

Bulk sending each medical entity involved

It’s important for the medical practitioners keep everyone in the loop. Once the document is signed it can be emailed to as many professionals as you want. There is no cap on the number of emails to be sent. All emails are password protected and follow the medical privacy norms depending on the healthcare use case that you have.

Simplify Your End to End Digital Signatures Process

Our HIPAA-compliant solutions streamline the workflow and offer efficient and cost-effective paperless processes. Certinal digital signature solutions can be customized to the needs of the Healthcare and Pharma organizations for the desired output. It’s our sincere endeavor to understand your business needs and deliver exact solutions.

If you would like to know how Certinal digital signature solutions can be applied to suit your needs, please book a custom demo  with us.

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