7 reasons why Certinal is featured in the 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Electronic Signatures

Gartner Market Guide for Electronic Signature

How can we still print documents, sign them, and then scan the signed documents to transmit them by email in a world where so many tasks have been digitalized? Although having the option to esign documents might seem obvious, not all electronic signature service options are the same. Great enterprise solutions must excel at what they do uniquely and be adaptable enough to handle a wide range of new use cases.

In addition, they must be scalable to handle numerous users, processes, and transactions – frequently spanning departments and locations. And when there are such huge stakes involved, it goes without saying that a high level of security, dependability, and performance is essential. The most effective enterprise electronic signature platforms should, however, be compatible with the expanding API environment; after all, inside these ecosystems, businesses can genuinely develop how they conduct business in the modern day.

So, the best decision would be to look at the Gartner Market Guide for Electronic Signature and choose one of the representative vendors. The Market Guide states that “there are hundreds of electronic and digital signature providers globally, and increasingly there is little functional distinction between them.” Certinal was one of the 22 listed as “Representative Vendors,” which, according to Gartner, “are most commonly mentioned in inquiry with global Gartner clients.”

 Gartner Market Guide for Electronic Signature

Here are the top seven reasons why Certinal has been recognized as a “Representative Vendor” in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Electronic Signature:


1. API Integrations 

Extensive experience integrating with enterprise software. APIs make it simple to integrate any service with already in-use applications. Without allocating internal resources to the maintenance or management of the specialized service, enterprise businesses can integrate competitive advantages into their core business model thanks to APIs. As a result, modern corporations may operate in a new environment where they can act quickly, use cutting-edge technology to improve their core competencies, and concentrate on the big picture.

We (Certinal) assist businesses in automating the procedures and tracking of millions of documents at once using Certinal’s API-focused technologies. Using APIs, Certinal also enables big companies to include those features in their website or application.

2. Security and global compliance

The ability to use digital signatures, robust security and cybersecurity safeguards, global compliance, and third-party certifications from reliable sources should be on top of the list when choosing an e-signature solution.

The ISO 27001:2013 accreditation, widely considered the gold standard for digital security, is one of these certifications that Certinal complies with, along with being local even when it is global. With this certification, organizations can rest easy knowing that their digital signatures are protected from unwanted access and data breaches.

Click here to know more about legality & compliance.

3. Partner & Alliance Program

 Gartner Market Guide for Electronic Signature

Zycus, Salesforce, Microsoft, Slack, Workday, and Google are just a few of the typical Enterprise systems that Certinal interfaces with, resulting in streamlined processes for everyone. Your teams may access and start user-friendly, dependable, and secure electronic signing within these Enterprise systems.

Certinal’s partner program offers businesses a wide range of opportunities to collaborate and grow together.

  • OEM Partnerships
  • Independent software vendors
  • Value added resellers
  • Global System Integrator

4. A one stop unified solution with flexible pricing model

The digital signature solution from Certinal is a simple method for electronic document signing. Secure transactions are secured with AI-powered cognitive aid tools and continuous total support for advanced and validated electronic signatures. Certinal charges the same amount for both processes because we believe in a customer-first strategy that considers a value-based model to ensure consumers get the most out of our electronic signature software.

Certinal’s framework considers the value obtained from legally binding electronic signatures. Wrappers or digital envelopes – both internal and external – calculate overall expenses. The purpose of these wrappers determines the value assigned to them. This permits users to have unlimited electronic signatures in a document, as long as the fee is for the paper rather than the signature.

Learn more about pricing at Certinal : Click here

5. 100MB File Size Limit

Digital signatures have become a must in the automated world of digitization. You don’t have to wait for the mail or get in your car to drop off documents. However, the challenge that arises while digitally signing documents is with file size greater than 25MB. For instance, you get an error “⚠File exceeds size limit of 25MB” when you try to send out creatives, CADs or files with bigger file sizes for signing digitally, which could be frustrating. Certinal’s enterprise grade e-signature solution handles 4x that size, i.e.,100MB, and is being enhanced further to make your signing journey seamless.

6. Secure eMail

E-mails with documents that require signing can be easily forwarded by the authorized signatory to an unauthorized signatory, which leads to an easy repudiation of the signed contract.

Certinal’s solution comes with a unique feature with a Secured Signing process that ensures your agreements are only accessible and signed by the people who are supposed to be signing them. Secure Email is a configurable feature that prevents signers from forwarding “Review and Sign” document emails and captures the true identity of the signer the signed document online can only be signed by the authorized signer.

7. Pre-Fill & Bulk Send

Bulk Send is a feature using which one can create and track thousands of individual signing requests through a click. Certinal’s Bulk Send tool can significantly simplify your business procedures and save you time and money if your firm relies on frequent communications with its clients and workers. It takes just a few clicks to import a list of signers, and each one is sent a copy of the document to sign, doing away with the need to make and mail out individual envelopes.

Intrigued by the power of Cerinal?

Let’s figure out how we can help you improve your ROI, reduce enterprise e-sign cost and fully automate your document workflow process. Explore our products and book a demo with us to understand how Certinal’s products can help you digitally sign and grow your business. Click here to see why Certinal has been recognized as a “Representative Vendor” by Gartner and is the best electronic signature software.

About Certinal

Certinal eSign is a future-ready Digital Transaction Management solution. The company has been recognized in the 2022 Gartner® market guide for eSignatures within 6 months of launch, which we believe is the fastest to be included in the guide. Certinal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zycus, the pioneer in Cognitive Procurement with over 21 offices globally.

A familiar name and market leader with years of experience managing critical contracts and agreements, Zycus boasts over 350+ enterprise clients, including Fortune 1000 enterprises, and deployments of procurement and sourcing suite of products. In addition, Digital Signing has always been a focus area for Zycus. Thus, Certinal was born to offer a best-in-class Digital Transaction Management solution that will be easy to use, 100% secure to deploy, and legally compliant in 70+ countries.

Want to know more about Certinal, request a demo now!

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