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medical staffing with eSignature

Many medical staffing agencies today are characterized by complicated documentation requirements and intense worker qualification and application processes. But there’s a better way. Digitalizing processes of medical staffing with eSignature, allows agencies to collect all required documents and get them signed in a single packet.

Agency workers, from doctors to nurses, get registered quickly, allowing agencies to save precious time and make the most of their human capital faster. But at agencies that work with significant numbers of medical personnel, it’s essential to maintain a fast pace of remote registration. Unfortunately, heavy paperwork and lengthy phone conversations get in the way of efficiently managing these processes. This hurts the registration rate, and damages the efficacy of registration efforts.

When medical staffing agencies spend a long time registering new workers, it’s more than mere displeasure for the recruiting personnel and medical staff. It can also seriously impact businesses and finances related to it.

streamline medical staffing with eSignature

Here’s what can happen when physical paperwork and various touchpoints extend the registration process:

1. Doctors fail to join:

Staffing agencies must stay attractive to the hospitals that expect them to bring doctors at a moment’s notice as well as to the doctors themselves. The staffing agency that delivers a fast and convenient application process will win over the agency that brings complications.

2. Agencies waste precious time & resources:

Starting a recruiting process with a potential doctor who fails to get qualified and/or placed is a huge waste of time. All the cost and efforts that went into recruiting that person cannot be recovered.

3. Leads to Reputation damage:

A messy application and qualification process, particularly if it involves unclear directions and lengthy paperwork, can lead to reputation damage. The experience that goes for the agency of not being doctor-friendly, leads to a wrong impression thus hampering recruitment efforts.

4. Accelerated turnover:

Agency workers may fill temporary roles, but that doesn’t mean agencies want constant turnover. Holding onto good workers is still desirable. Excessive paperwork or manual process demands can contribute to preventable worker attrition.

Given the hazards of prolonged medical staffing processes, agencies need to take immediate actions to ensure efficient journeys for their workers. This can be accomplished only by retaining the agency’s core back-office systems while adding new-aged digital tools that expedite end-to-end registration processes.

bad onboarding experience

Many of today’s digital platforms go beyond offering standalone features that enable admins to automate the full agency worker registration process by using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Intuitive conditional-based formulas can be set to ensure business logic between various steps and within form fields. In addition to that, various documentation requirements may depend on the agency’s jurisdiction or associated clinical requirements, which can be configured as part of the automated workflow.

The tools we will explore in this article are integral parts of worker registration workflows and have been proven to immediately improve the efficiency of worker registration with a no-code solution, which means, admins can simply plug and play, and see workers register faster immediately.

Capability 1: Mobile-First Digital Signatures

Mobile-First Digital Signatures

Agencies can include a digital signature section to all digital onboarding forms and documents, enabling employees to sign them in one shot on their mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

Unlike wet signatures & email eSignature solutions, AI-powered digital signature solutions in medical staffing processes allow workers to register from any location without a requirement for them to be in front of a computer or go to a physical location.

Mobile-enabled digital signatures can be deployed from any channel including website, chat, or IVR.

They can even be used during a call with an HR professional, who can coach workers through the signing process. Workers either finger sign, type sign, or use auto-generated signatures which are the validated and stored on the CRM with a full audit trail and temper-proof evidence. Mobile-first digital signatures are proven to generate over 50% more completed signatures than legacy systems, and the vast majority are completed at a fraction of seconds, as soon as the agency sends over the signature request.

Capability 2: Smart eForms

Smart eForms

Busy medical workers don’t have time to fill out lengthy forms, they are busy running from hospital to hospital, clinic to clinic, and need to stay focused on their patients. Traditional platforms that send out paperwork forms weaken the registration process, as workers get tired of repeating personal details or answering irrelevant questions.

On the other hand, smart eForms as a solution, automatically populate fields with known worker details. Additional fields or sections only appear when a particular logic is met, preventing confusion and back-and-forths. As a result of personalized eforms based on conditional logic, employees complete the process rapidly, with fewer mistakes, and greater clarity about the further steps.

Capability 3: Mobile-First Document Collection

Mobile-First Document Collection

Registering workers requires collecting official documents such as contractor engagement terms & conditions and other sensitive medical records. Yet traditional processes outstretch turnaround time as workers are required to scan, email, fax, or visit a physical location to submit these health documents.

Agencies can encourage remote document collection by enabling workers to use their mobile phone cameras to easily snap and submit pictures of these documents instantly. The collected documents are then associated with the worker’s file and securely stored with the rest of their records in the CRM.

Mobile-first digital document collection minimizes the back and forth between the agency and workers, accelerating cycle times by 80%.

Capability 4: Remote ID Verification

Remote ID Verification

Even if an agency forgoes a full background check, they will still want to verify that a potential medical worker is who they claim to be. With digital ID verification, there is no need for agencies to scan physical ID cards or search databases manually.

Potential medical workers simply can take a snap of their official ID, take a selfie (optionally holding the ID card in it), and send the two pictures to the agency. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), facial recognition technology can detect with near to 100% accuracy whether there is a match.

In this way, with the use of Digital ID verification, agencies can protect themselves from the rare but real possibility of deception, without slowing down the registration process.

Capability 5: Digital Storage & Security

medical staffing with eSignature

Agencies can digitize document storage to simplify adherence to their worker privacy policy. By capturing all worker interactions digitally, auditing, and tracking information is effortless for agencies and imposes no additional burden on the workers.

All documents can be digitally stored with password protection and a comprehensive audit trail to ensure safekeeping and quality control. With digitized contracts, supporting documents, and consent forms, agencies can easily and compliantly reference and update worker information as needed and there is no need to maintain and safeguard thousands of paper-based documents.

Conclusion: Speeding Up Processes of Medical Staffing with eSignature

A digital medical worker process allows agencies to expedite procedures surrounding their workers, starting from the initial application to ongoing documentation. By streamlining medical staffing processes, agencies can register workers more efficiently, reduce leakage in the recruitment process, and get workers placed in hospitals and clinics faster.

Certinal’s digital signature solutions in medical staffing offers such a digital platform designed to fit the needs of today’s fast-hiring agencies. Capabilities including enterprise-grade AI-powered digital signatures, ID verification, instant document collection, digital storage, and automated workflows that come together to speed up the compliance processes.

Certinal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zycus, the pioneer in Cognitive Procurement. A familiar name and market leader with years of experience in managing critical contracts & agreements, Zycus boasts of over Fortune 1000 enterprise clients and deployments of procurement and sourcing suite of products. Digital Signing has always been a focus area for Zycus. Thus, Certinal was born with the stated goal of offering a best-in-class Digital Transaction Management solution that will be easy-to-use, 100% secure to deploy, and legally compliant around the world.

We stand committed to providing a one-stop solution to large enterprise customers, compliant with various security standards and conforming to different regional regulations. Improving the patient experience to drive greater efficiency for your healthcare practices is as simple as streamlining the manual processes that affects your patients, physicians, and employees.

Learn more about Certinal’s healthcare solutions. There has never been a better time to upgrade your current eSignature process or implement HIPAA-compliant digital signatures. See what the best digital signature technology can do for your business by scheduling a demo.

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