5 benefits that Certinal can offer to your healthcare suite through integration with EPIC EHR

integrated healthcare solution with EPIC EHR

As healthcare providers continue to adopt electronic health records, many are looking for solutions that can help improve efficiency and streamline workflows. The hospital adopted an integrated healthcare solution with EPIC EHR, streamlining patient records and facilitating seamless communication among healthcare providers. One such solution is Certinal eSignature, a powerful esignature platform that seamlessly integrates with EPIC, one of the most widely used EHR systems in healthcare today. 

With Certinal eSignature, healthcare professionals can quickly and easily access patient data from EPIC at any time, making informed decisions and providing high-quality care more efficiently than ever before. And thanks to robust security features like encryption and biometric authentication, healthcare organizations can rest assured that their patient data is safe and protected. 

 integrated healthcare solution with EPIC EHR

Certinal eSign’s & EPIC EHR’s philosophy blend together 

To create beneficial custom software for the healthcare industry and implement it with an on-site team to ensure that it performs as promised, Certinal and Epic share similar beliefs. 

Any hospital that has used Epic will benefit from Certinal eSign for healthcare in the same way. You will have two systems that are exceptionally well-integrated and superior to the sum of their parts. 

Benefits of integrated healthcare solution with EPIC EHR:


  • Enhance your digital healthcare environment

Despite successful EHR adoption, healthcare organizations are frequently shocked to discover that antiquated procedures exist. Certinal eSign for healthcare is a crucial part of an organization’s Epic implementation because it is made to work with Epic and add functionality. 

  • Take advantage of eSignature capabilities with leading AI.

To automate the patient consent process, Certinal interacts with Epic systems, gathering electronic patient signatures that are then applied to Interlace Health eForms to produce legally binding, paperless paperwork. 

  • Automate and pre-fill Epic’s informed consent forms

Leading-edge technology is used by Certinal to easily interact with Epic and pre-populate eForms with patient information and procedure-specific details. For quick, readable access, electronically signed consent is saved as a PDF or template file. 

  • Streamline Pre-Registration Processes

Enrollment occurs after a patient has had a visit or been hospitalized in most Epic organizations. Pre-registration paperwork can still be finished via Certinal for new patients or patients without portal access. Remote patient-completed documents are immediately added to Epic and made available to the care team. This dramatically speeds up the registration and check-in process on the patient’s day of care. Accelerated admissions and quickened treatment are possible with Certinal. 

  • Enhanced security

Another benefit of Certinal’s integration with EPIC EHR is that it helps to enhance security. The integration comes with industry-leading security protocols to protect patient data, which helps to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to it. Additionally, the integration helps in encryption technology to further protect patient data from unauthorized access.


So, if you’re looking for a powerful esignature solution that seamlessly integrates with your healthcare organization’s EHR system, look no further than Certinal eSignature. With its easy-to-use interface and cutting-edge security features, this platform is the ultimate tool for healthcare providers looking to streamline their workflows and improve patient care. 

Book a demo to experience Certinal’s AI-powered eSignature solution for healthcare. 

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