4 Top-notch Strategies For Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Discover, Learn and Deliver

Digital Transformation in Healthcare


The global healthcare system is fundamentally changing with the advancement in technology, new entrants from outside the industry and changing customer expectations are driving the global shifts in the healthcare ecosystem. The digitization of healthcare industry to enhance patient care through the integration of advanced technologies as the likes of Certinal esign.

Digital transformation is keeping businesses alive and at the same time fueling the future of healthcare. In turn, corporate leaders are discovering that digital transformation in healthcare is built on a strong vision of enriching value, efficiency, customer experience, and loyalty. These goals are realized when a healthcare organization drives end-to-end change through product innovation, service design, operational improvement, technology deployment, and talent development. Yet end-to-end transformation is not easy and requires massive effort.

Digitization of healthcare industry requires industry leaders willing to take distinct steps to

  • Adopt a consumer-centric focus
  • Shift to preventive and outcomes-based healthcare models
  • Embrace digital and technology enablers
  • Engage non-traditional value chain partners
  • Drive improvements to access, quality, and affordable healthcare

4 building blocks of digital transformation in healthcare

We’ve identified major building blocks essential to successful digitization of healthcare industry. They aren’t specific steps, stages or organizational designs, rather, they are ways of thinking about influencing and changing the perspectives on how to shift organizational and individual behaviour into a more productive, competitive and engaging direction.

1. Strategic Identity

Articulate a single desirable future for your healthcare enterprise and focus all your efforts on achieving it. Making such leaps in identity and purpose will require:

    • Collaboration and socialization with stakeholders to ensure buy-in
    • Consistent messaging across the organization
    • Careful, consumer centric roll-out incorporating feedback and adjusting to it

2. Blueprint for trust

Trust is paramount in healthcare, starting from protecting patients’ privacy and sensitive data to building confidence in providers and healthcare systems. The basis for building trust for healthcare organizations must include:

    • Transparency
    • Personalization
    • Evidence-based outcomes

3. Master the pivot from sprint to scale

Becoming the healthcare company of tomorrow requires innovation and experimentation. Creating an environment to think big, start small and learn fast will enable companies to first try, then scale new ideas.

Enablers can include

    • Targeting use cases to solve key problems · Starting with a digital-first, consumer-centric mindset
    • Embracing open ideation and crowdsourcing
    • Incorporating key partners to test new ways of working
    • Using technology to model solutions

4. Treat your legacy as an asset

Successful transformation requires a balance between leveraging core strengths and embracing bold new strategies. Healthcare companies that build off their strengths and establish partnerships to supplement their expertise are best positioned to succeed.

When selecting partners, seek the following characteristics

    • A long-term commitment to change
    • Value-adding innovation

Current and future directions in healthcare with digital solutions:

Digital solutions today provide various options for helping doctors to treat their patients well. Leveraging these technologies in healthcare, you can put together a bulk of data that includes patient records, medical reports, personal health data, insurance reports, etc. for providing patients with better treatment for a good outcome.

Gaining knowledge from complex bio-medical information remains a challenge in transforming the healthcare industry. Different types of data are emerging in the modern world of medical sciences and issues faced in keeping these electronic records, secured, readily accessible with temper-proof evidence, etc. can be solved by using a digital signature solution. Digital signing tools as the latest technology provides new and efficient paradigms to sign, store and access patient intake forms, HIPAA forms, and various contracts/ agreements safely.

The usage of electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) promises to advance clinical research and better inform decision-making skills clinically. Modern EMRs/ EHRs can prevent the practice of predictive modeling by summarizing and representation. Patients who achieved results based on EMR/ EHR data and an alternative feature learning strategy are being successful. From various research, we can straight away say that digital signature software augmented decision systems in the clinical environment.

The healthcare industry in this modern era comprises various strategies that are of national importance owing to their spectrum of reach to individuals or society. We have earlier witnessed the advancements in AI and ML technologies applied in various sectors. Among all the sectors, healthcare is the primary focus of deep learning, machine learning, and AI-based workflows and experts of the industries owing to the veracity of data availability and high volumes. Deploying an enterprise-grade AI-powered digital signature solution and empowering patient care.

The increasing demand of healthcare sectors is being characterized by large data sets from clinical management systems which provide a choice for any application of taking the digital signature approach to get rid of the manual paper-based process in healthcare.

Bottom Line: A new healthcare ecosystem is emerging around the world:

Manual, paper-based processes are still widely used in many healthcare organizations across the world. Contracts and agreements related to the patient experience, medical device production, and industry regulations can all be negatively impacted by old manual processes.

From patient intake to managing the dynamics of regulatory compliance, tackling these strict industry challenges requires business agility and in-house expertise to quickly adapt to those modifications. With Certinal, enable healthcare-specific agreement transformation, which will help accelerate deployment and adoption for your organization.

Certinal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zycus, the pioneer in Cognitive Procurement. A familiar name and market leader with years of experience in managing critical contracts & agreements, Zycus boasts of over Fortune 1000 enterprise clients and deployments of procurement and sourcing suite of products.

Digital Signing has always been a focus area for Zycus. Thus, Certinal was born with the stated goal of offering a best-in-class Digital Transaction Management solution that will be easy-to-use, 100% secure to deploy, and legally compliant around the world.

We stand committed to providing a one-stop solution to large enterprise customers, compliant with various security standards and conforming to different regional regulations. Improving the patient experience to drive greater efficiency for your healthcare practices is as simple as streamlining the manual processes that affects your patients, physicians, and employees. Spend more time with patients, not manual processes. Learn more about Certinal’s healthcare solutions.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your current eSignature process or implement HIPAA-compliant digital signatures. See what the best digital signature technology can do for your business by scheduling a demo.

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