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4 Key Benefits of Salesforce Integration with Certinal eSignature4 min read

Benefits of Salesforce Integration

In today’s digital age, businesses increasingly adopt electronic signature solutions to streamline document signing processes. Salesforce, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, offers seamless integration with Certinal eSignature, a trusted eSignature solution listed on the Salesforce AppExchange 

In this blog, you will explore the benefits of streamlining business processes with seamless eSignatures for salesforce integration. 

This blog explores the technical details and advantages of Salesforce integration with Certinal eSign, highlighting the key benefits for businesses seeking efficient and secure document management.   

Harness the Power of electronic signature software for Salesforce 

Empower your sales team to sign documents directly within Salesforce electronically. Increase productivity and eliminate manual paperwork, enabling your team to focus on core activities and close deals faster.  

Benefits of Salesforce Integration 

1. Do everything from your CRM

Managing, sending, and signing documents from within the CRM is a crucial business advantage of an eSignature Salesforce interface.  

Sales execs may quickly generate contracts and agreements on-platform without being forced to switch between several solutions to send them for signature and get them signed. 

This frees up salespeople’s time and allows you to present deals to customers more quickly, considerably enhancing your chances of closing. 

Do everything from your CRM

2. Making agreements quickly with templates

Templates can be helpful for commonly used documents such as sales contracts, proposals, and invoices.  

You may construct contract templates once, then quickly add your prospect-specific facts and send off a new contract whenever needed instead of continuously crafting each document from the start each time. 

Additionally, each template may be immediately updated with all the crucial data from Salesforce, such as the contact’s name and address. Due to the elimination of manual data entry, the sales cycle isn’t slowed down by spelling or formatting errors.  

Making agreements quickly with templates

3. Create automated, low-touch sales processes

Are you weary of writing and mailing contracts by hand? With the help of a Salesforce integration, you can integrate eSignatures into your CRM and add robust automation that relieves you of administrative duties.   

You can add contract distribution to automatically send them out by simply highlighting the workflow you wish to automate. By entering each field with information from your Salesforce account and emailing each contract to the appropriate partner, the Dropbox Sign connection with Salesforce will immediately start the distribution process. 

You’ll have brand-new, low-touch sales processes that can distribute contracts and agreements the moment new prospects ask for them—and with no effort from your sales team. These workflows will be paired with your ready-made templates.  

Create automated, low-touch sales processes

4. Close Anytime, anywhere

Making the process as simple and friction-free for your prospects as possible is crucial to closing a sale in sales. You and your clients may sign contracts anytime, from any location, on any device with an eSignature for Salesforce connection solution.  

It’s as simple as clicking on an email. You now have unmatched agility to close deals as soon as they present themselves, along with your sales teams.  

Close Anytime, anywhere

Key Takeaways 

  1. Streamline document signing processes, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, and manual handling. 
  2. Automate workflows, allowing for faster document turnaround times. 
  3. Enable remote signing capabilities, eliminating geographical constraints and enabling seamless collaboration.  
  4. Implement robust encryption and authentication measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of signed documents.  
  5. Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of document activities and access.  
  6. Comply with industry regulations, such as eIDAS, HIPAA, and GDPR, by leveraging Certinal eSign’s compliance features.  
  7. Integrate eSignature capabilities seamlessly into Salesforce, reducing the need to switch between multiple platforms. 


Integrating Certinal eSignature with Salesforce offers a powerful solution for businesses seeking to streamline their document signing processes. By leveraging the advantages of electronic signature software for Salesforce, companies can enhance efficiency, improve document security, and gain valuable data-driven insights. 

Simplify and accelerate your document workflow with Salesforce integration, empowering your sales team to close deals faster while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. 

Explore the possibilities of Salesforce Integration with Certinal eSign and revolutionize your document management today.  

Are you intrigued by the Power of Certinal? Book a Demo with us and discover how Certinal, a powerful next-gen eSignature tool, can enhance your workflow. 

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