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Digital Document Ecosystem


Digital signatures allow businesses to digitally and securely create, modify, send, and sign contracts. With hundreds of millions of digital signatures being sent, companies love the speed and simplicity of signatures, just like their customers. Certinal’s nextGen eSignature solution helps you implement a comprehensive digital document ecosystem to streamline document management and ensure secure access to information. Digital signatures bring value to everyone involved in the contract process, including customers and employees on sales, personnel, legal, and procurement teams.

The simplicity and convenience of digital signatures provide a connected digital experience that customers desire. Sales teams also appreciate the efficiency of accelerating sales processes. The compliance team appreciates a unified, standardized approach that reduces the risk of lost or accidentally executed contracts.

Digital Document Ecosystem

Here are 10 reasons to make Certinal’s nextGen eSignature solution a part of your Digital Document Ecosystem:

1) Create Instant Savings :

Save up to 80% of your total signing expenditure by simply implementing Certinal nextGen eSignature solution. Our advanced solution takes care of the most secure forms of signature required, bundled with savings arising out of printing, storing, and sending it drastically reduces miscellaneous costs. Everything is stored and processed digitally, eliminating hidden costs arising out of human error and negligence.

2) Boost Efficiency:

A lot of time is wasted by personnel following up and asking for the status of sent documents. With Certinal, you can see all these documents in one place, and at the same time, see their current position of signing. If these documents need to be sent to multiple stakeholders, the Certinal’s group send feature helps you streamline this at the click of a button instead of sending it individually to different stakeholders. Certinal helps in reallocating to more strategic tasks rather than manual, tactical ones.

3) Increase user satisfaction:

New customers always adopt new technology with the hope of a seamless experience. For example, one insurance carrier experienced 14 percent higher retention rates with customers who e-signed their new business insurance policy. Here at Certinal, thanks to our sister concern Zycus, we have over two decades of customer satisfaction experience. Certinals UI is designed in to be user friendly to a wide variety of users Collaboration is our specialty, and Certinal nextGen eSignature solution helps all your

stakeholder’s sign contracts in various ways, virtually anywhere, anytime. The responsive signing feature adapts the document format to the size and orientation of each browser or system, eliminating the need for customers to change forms to access the document.

4) Eliminate Risk:

Email is one of the most vulnerable platforms to cyber-attacks, but 75% of employees email contracts. Digital transmission and signing of contracts significantly reduce cyber risk, as well as operational and supplier risk. Digital storage of contracts also reduces the risk of disaster recovery.

5) Reduce environmental impact:

Organizations that rely on manual paper-based procedures to conclude contracts waste time, money, and paper unnecessarily. If you do not have a digital signature solution, you will need to print the document, sign it, and scan it back. The completed document must be saved or shredded. Digital signatures eliminate the need for printing and reduce paper consumption and waste.

The impact on the environment will be noticeably smaller. Since its inception, Certinal’s customers have saved millions of sheets and paper and over a hundred thousand trees, reducing environmental impact.

6) Accelerate Growth:

At Certinal, we understand how tedious it is to close sales deals. As per our reports, “Small business clients at a top 5 US bank enjoy the perk of electronic Automated Clearing House authorizations. Certinal enables the business to obtain signed forms for automated payment faster and prevent abandonment. It also improves cash flow, which is critical to small businesses.” Contracting and AO documents can be a long-drawn process that requires a massive number of FTE’s.

With Certinal e-sign, documentation can be closed within days, if not hours and minutes. As soon as these contracts are completed faster, different departments can recognize the revenue, thereby helping boost both efficiency and sales.

7) Improve Productivity:

After the initial sales deals are closed,most employees use their bandwidth to process further steps. This involves a lot of back and forth in terms of contracting and negotiation. With large ticket deals, this process can take up to days as different stakeholders in the company have their share to add to this.

With Certinal’s collaborative capabilities, even the largest deals can be closed off in days, if not hours. With our state-of-the-art workflow management, Certinal guarantees up to 50% reduction in FTE costs, thereby allowing companies to capitalize on strategic initiatives as these employees now have higher bandwidth.

8) Robust Workflow:

An intricate workflow helps eliminate mistakes caused by repetitive human tasks. These mistakes can range from document collation to signing them correctly in different places. With Certinal, a range of preset workflows allows you to send these documents to multiple people for signing, which lets you check the current signing stage with each copy at each stakeholder. Certinal helps save a considerable amount of time and effort over manual signing or even signing with a solution without a workflow.

Other simple ways in which workflows boost your business are:

  • Improve turnaround time by setting reminders and notifications to let different recipients know when it’s time to sign a particular document.
  • Reduce the burden of repetitive tasks by creating document packages for various standard, recurring business features such as new hires, new customers, and contract renewals.
  • Eliminate the risk of human errors and increase accountability by assigning different roles to different recipients (signers, approvers, etc.) and route documents to the proper recipients in the correct order.

9) Robust Audit Trails:

An audit trail, also known as the audit log or certificate of completion, is a file that stores information about the delivery and signing process for all documents uploaded to digital signature tools. In this way, digital signatures can be transparently tracked and checked so that all transactions can be tracked. This audit trail makes it easy for users to track and report user data and facilitates the effectiveness of the signing process.

The audit trail dramatically improves the validity of the document because it can track all transactions. This is because the audit trail always guarantees the integrity of the information. Second, audit trails can be used to avoid all kinds of operations. And third, the audit trail also serves as legal evidence.

Add to it the capability of Certinal to integrate with almost any CLM, including Zycus CLM solution; your employees will be able to save an additional 1-1.5 hours per contract by this simple integration. Or put differently, the employee can gainfully use this time for more value-adding work instead of signing contracts or following up on stake holders for signatures.

10) Ensure Global Compliance:

In a world where businesses are spread across various geographies, it is essential for any digital solution that is a part of a company’s portfolio to be globally compliant. This helps the organization attain a seamless and smooth experience across the globe, saving time and effort while boosting its turnaround time.

Certinal provides you with the highest level of trust, security, and compliance. Certinal provides you with the highest degree of assurance level for signer identification and hence considered as equivalent to wet signatures. These are used by multiple organizations based on their regulatory risk framework, typically for risky transactions. It helps you meet strict compliance requirements such as EU eIDAS, UK eIDAS, Switzerland ZertES, and VZertES for certain documents requiring signers to execute their signatures by applying their digital certificates for higher assurance of signer’s identity and authenticity of the document.

These signatures are globally accepted and refer to advanced electronic signatures and qualified electronic signatures in the US, EU, Switzerland, India, UAE, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and other Latin American countries.

Conclusion: Digital Document Ecosystem

As we recover from a global pandemic, there is one certainty. Remote collaboration is no more a myth. CIO’s and CXO’s across the globe strive to improve the remote working capabilities of their organizations. An E-Signature solution can do wonders for an organization’s workflow. With integrations with all major HR, finance, and sales workflows, it is essential to understand the ROI of this solution, not to underestimate its contribution.

Book a demo with us to see how Certinal can fit seamlessly into your organization’s current environment and start your savings now. Visit our website certinal.com.

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